Hey There

(pronounced Dean-A),
I'm a Omaha Family + Wedding Photographer

I've been photographing for 8 years and have captured over 200 wedding days!

I enjoy a long walk through IKEA
Ice coffee + sitting on my front porch,
I love my husband, Matt, and his beard
I love being a mama to my sweet baby, Gideon!
I LOVE plants! Indoor and outdoor! 
Hot Yoga at Lotus House of Yoga
I love anywhere that has a good taco + going to apple orchards!

Currently watching Survivor Reruns or Downton Abbey.
I'm a 4 on the enneagram...Let me know your number!!!
I'm obsessed with Bachelorette podcasts and rewatching Jane Austen Videos. Currently listening to Needtobreathe, Towr's and Drew Holcomb.

Currently// Reading Joanna Gaines cookbook and snuggling with my hubs, baby boy + my puppies on the couch.

I'm Deana

Some fun facts about my life

This is Matt, my handsome bearded hubs!
 We met on a dating app! (anyone know of Hinge?)

We met Nov 2017
Got engaged July 2018
Got hitched Jan 11th 2019!

What can I say..I knew he was a keeper ;)

Also, he has started doing wedding films on the side! They are pretty sweet so check out @coufal films for more deets! 

We love our puppies! 

Zoey is a rescue 8 year old blonde little lady! she has all the sass + is a girl after my own heart who loves snacks + sleeping haha!

Bennie is our new little pup! He's 8 weeks old + love his mom the most. We are in the middle of puppy training while obsessing over his little snuiggles and wiggles!

We were married outside in a snowstorm in colorado!

It was the coldest, most magical day of my life!  It was actively snowing alllll day and my hair had to be redone 3 times, but it was worth it!

This is the year for living to the fullest, laughing until our stomachs hurt, dreaming + hoping for abundantly more and for moments you place in your home + reflect upon for the many years to come.

I'd love to tell the story of YOU and celebrate this year with you.

Let's make this year so awesome that last year is jealous

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Let's do this!

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