Mr. + Mrs. Nagorski // Buffalo County Fairgrounds // Kearney, Nebraska

April in Nebraska is full of surprises sometimes! And on the wedding day for Breanna + Lance there was FOR SURE a surprise of a snowstorm! I knew the week of their wedding that there was a potential for a storm so I packed my bags early and made it to Kearney from Omaha a few days before! Thanks goodness too because the roads were icey and covered in snow and 1-80 was shut down even! That storm wasn’t going to bring the day of union for these two lovebirds to a halt though!

I love the unexpected sometimes because it really shows off what matters the most. Life and marriage is not always full of the most perfect sunny days, but there are some hard days too. I truly don’t think we appreciate or see the beauty in our lives and the people we love and treasure as much until those “snowdays” hit. 

Lance + Breanna and their truly best friends + the dear family they love were all together to celebrate their love and union the the Buffalo County Fairgrounds in Kearney, Nebraska.  It was a day for the memories and I was left with such joy and “sunshine” in my heart for these two. I am so thankful I was able to be a part of their day. Guys, I will always put on my snowgear in ANY month and in ANY place to capture a couple’s love!

A HUGE SHOUT OUT OF THANKS to Kearney Floral ( and Cunningham’s Journal ( for letting us invade for pictures! You guys rock! 

Many Blessings and MUCH LOVE to the happy Mr. + Mrs. Nagorski!!!

Love, Deana


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