4 simple ways to lend a hand to the local entrepreneurs you know + love


Happy Wednesday friends…or it it Friday? Or Tuesday? Or Thursday? I don’t know about you, but the days seem to blend into one another over here! I’m not sure when the last time I put on anything other than leggings and a sweater was.

I find myself getting tunnel vision on my own life + the small walls that surround my home. BUT today I had a wake up call. There IS something we can be doing for one another.

And it’s all starts with us just making time (which I’ve found I have plenty of these days) to do! I’ve found myself wanting to just do SOMETHING to tangibly help friends + local people I know.

I made a list of 4 simple ways to lend a hand to your fellow entrepreneur during this season “unknowns” and “uncertainty”.

  1. Send encouragement! Hey! And this one is FREE! All you need is a little time! With everyone stuck in home, I know it brightens my day when I receive a text to know that someone is thinking of me + wants to know how I am! WHEW! It may even put a little wind in my sails to get to work + knock out a few tasks!

  2. Follow on Social Media! This is a few seconds + a few clicks that can make a HUGE impact on a small business!

  3. Post Positive Reviews! I’ve been setting apart 1 day a week when I go onto Yelp, Facebook, or Google Reviews and write up a few extra words of encourage + love for the business + people I care about! Easy Peasy + tots FREE!

  4. Buy gift cards from places you consistently go! This is a huge way to “pay it forward” and give an advance on the services + care for the people who take care of you! Maybe pay for your haircuts a few months in advance knowing you will use that service or buy up a major gift card to your local coffee shop.

Hope you find a few ideas you can share some love (not a virus) this spring!





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